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First PV Bikepacking Trip
This weekend we had the fun task of dragging people out into the woods with heavy bikes and making them camp in the cold. We had some first time bikepackers, inexperienced mountain bikers, a cross bike rider, and a GDMBR veteran. The best part? Everyone made it out safely and with an awesome trip under their belt.

We started the trip at Amethyst B...
Warbird Round 2
Took the Warbird out for a 2 day trip this weekend with a friend. Previously didn't care for it bikepacking, but I got some new bags, made a few changes, and the terrain was a LOT of gravel grinding anyway. Figured it was worth another shot.

A Tired Overnighter
Some trips need a little more priming than others to get going. This trip was definitely one of those.. I've been a bit burnt out from a long race season and I can't quite figure out how to shake it, but a bikepacking trip always seems like a good idea.

The night before we left I discovered a busted spoke and lots of floppy spokes. This was on my ...
Bikepacking: An Introduction
I had just begun to dabble in the weird world of mountain biking when I agreed to a 40-mile roundtrip overnight on a packed mountain bike.  Up until May of this year, I was growing as a road cyclist and had no interest in the seeming perversity that leads people to ride bikes off-road.  For me, road biking plays into my love of planning and predict...