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Mt. Greylock by Bike
Fresh rolling on our new Salsa Mukluks, and fearing that winter would never come, Pat and I set off on the search for our first snow ride. There was a light dusting in our area so we thought that certainly the highest peak in Massachusetts would have some snow that stuck around. We weren't disappointed.

I started the planning. Scoping out the moun...
Trail Exploring and Satisfaction
This weekend I decided it was time for a solo trip. I have neglected my race bike for a while and figured it needed some love. I refreshed the Stans, adjusted the derailleur, and replaced a set of worn brake pads. To finish everything off I borrowed a friend's frame bag that would fit my bike. Packed everything up, planned a route, and hit the trai...
Playing in the Mud: A Road Cyclist's First MTB Race
I hear my alarm go off and quickly reached out to silence my buzzing, screeching phone. The clock reads 5am. I head outside and the sun still hasn't risen yet and it's cold, very cold. It's early April and morning air is still a frosty thirty degrees in the valley. I'm cold, tired, and hungry, but feel a growing rush of adrenaline which can mean on...
Bikepacking: An Introduction
I had just begun to dabble in the weird world of mountain biking when I agreed to a 40-mile roundtrip overnight on a packed mountain bike.  Up until May of this year, I was growing as a road cyclist and had no interest in the seeming perversity that leads people to ride bikes off-road.  For me, road biking plays into my love of planning and predict...